‘Keep going, God is good’ – Okocha tells nephew, Alex Iwobi amid cyberbullying

‘Keep going God is good’ – Okocha tells nephew Alex Iwobi amid cyberbullying

Legendary Nigerian football player Austin Jay Jay Okocha has taken to Instagram on Tuesday to encourage his nephew Alex Iwobi to “keep going” following his country’s defeat to Ivory Coast in the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) final. Iwobi was the target of cyberbullying.

Expressing his thoughts, Okocha stated, “I pray for my country Nigeria and the people that can only hate and see nothing good in others when effort counts for nothing. Treat people the way you want them to treat you; all we have in this life is each other.”

Okocha went on to show his love for Iwobi and stressed that they will endure in spite of the hurtful remarks. He ended the speech by praising God and believing that His will would be carried out in their lives. Iwobi received backlash for his performance after Nigeria lost in the AFCON final, which prompted him to announce his removal from social media. The cyberbullying incident has prompted discussions about the need for positive support and encouragement in the

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